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I’m finding a bit more about the upcoming WordPress 2.0 release. I haven’t had time to test the RC in the 5 minutes since the last post, but I have been able to read a few sites. It looks like most of the big changes are “under the hood”, which sounds promising. It sounds as though more interesting extensions might be more easily do-able…

There has been some “ajax-ification” in a few areas (adding a category while editing a post), apparently there are some now post editing possibilities (upload from the post – previously I’ve dealt with that from a plugin…) Some things have been changed in the theme area, simple and advanced theme editor, and a few other interesting bits.

One that is more an under the hood change is changing how the ping process happens. One of the things I run into sometimes is after clicking publish a fairly long delay before the page refreshes. That’s because currently the admin interface processes the ping at that point and locks until the ping is complete. It sounds like farming it out a bit differently will help responsiveness when posting. I’ll be interested to give it a try. It sounds like a lot of bug fixes have made their way in of course, as well.

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