The 2nd journey begins… Mandriva 2006 upgrade 2 – Part 6

OK – there may be those that read the last entry and had some obvious “oh, you ought to look in the ***** directory for menu information.” On the issue I ran into with missing menu items after the upgrade. (And even after moving my .kde folder to .kdeold and logging back in.) OK – it’s been a while since I’ve taken a long hard look at HOW menu’s are built in Mandrake (Mandriva)….

Anyway, I looked at moving .kde because I remember very clear that .kde/share/applnk-mdk being the place that Mandrake used to build menus from. Apparently with the new attempted unified menus (which will be a good thing when all distributions/window managers have a default approach to handling menu entries) that folder is no longer the influence that it was.

I tried a “update-menus -vn” which didn’t get me anywhere

I found a .menu folder that had some entries that had recently been added to my users menu. When I moved this folder and redid the update-menus -vn I DID get the system menu back and obviously lost some of the custom entries. So I can at least get to system configuration through the menu and kcontrol now has entries in it as well (why that’s related I’m not certain, but that was the only change made.)

Son now, I’m trying to add some of them back into a .menu folder (while leaving out the one I suspect of causing problems) and try update-menus -vn again. Most of the entries in .menu were wine related (cxoffice programs installed and other wine apps installed using various vanilla wine install scripts. There were a couple of other entries though, “enable_mdk_customization” was one. (other were cups, added_by_menudrake, and kdebase-basedir)

After looking at things a moment, the main thing missing was crossover office menu items, so a reinstall of that may be the best route. I’ve also downloaded the nvidia driver straight from to take another stab at that.

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