Lyrics might not be illegal after all….

It looks like at least one label is not as concerned that freely available lyrics online are a threat…

The push to make song lyric sites and programs illegal has cooled — at least on one front. Walter Ritter, creator of the popular PearLyrics lyrics program, and Warner/Chappell announced that they would work together to allow the program to continue being offered.


Warner/Chappell also admitted that its tone in the original letter was “an inappropriate manner in which to convey that inquiry,” and apologized to Ritter. The label said it only wanted to gain assurance that pearworks would fairly compensate artists for their work.

It would be good to see increased accuracy in online lyrics. I’ve noticied more than a few inconsistencies as I’ve gone in search of spanish language lyrics for some songs especially… I don’t know if they’ll be quite as conciliatory for guitar tab sites though.

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