Mozilla Firefox RC2 released…

We’re inching yet closer to a new official release of the Mozilla Firefox browser. Yesterday was the 1st anniversary of the 1.0 release and today see’s the release of the second Release Candidate for 1.5 If you’ve already got a pre-release version of 1.5 it should automatically update. There may still be bugs, so… you might want to wait for the final release if you’re bug-averse….

It looks to be a good release, I’ve heard what sounds like a problem report already with RC2, so there may well be an RC3, last I looked the different language localizations weren’t all ready yet, so non-english users may have a bit more of a wait. (I haven’t checked bug reports so I could be wrong on official bugs in RC2… and it looks as though US English is the only RC2 version available so far.)

Depending on the success of RC2, we may be within 2 weeks of the official release of 1.5 (it’s been 6 days since RC1, so I would guess it may be released next week if things go well.)

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