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I’m getting a new flush of strange junk mails the last day. Most have a subject of either “EIN (Einer!!) Menschenhaendler und Brandstifter laueft frei herum” or a slight variation “EIN Menschenhaendler (und Brandstifter) laueft frei herum” They all claim to be from “WWW daemon apache

What follows is all in German, I’ve looked at it with babelfish and it’s still incomprehensible, fragments of ideas (I’m wondering if that’s an intentional bayes (bayesian) filter poisoning attempt?) It seems to be allowed by spamassassin at this point.

They do seem to be coming from..
Received: by (Postfix, from userid 30) id 23EF324226E; Sun,
21 Aug 2005 00:01:12 +0200 (CEST)

Now, I studied German in college, it’s been a while and it’s fairly rusty – (Spanish has been my focus lately…), but I can’t make much sense out of any of this… The contents are consistently:

Zum Bericht mit google Brandstifter und villa und rouge suchen!
Vielleicht sind Hr. Navratilova(so buchstabiert?) Josef und Hr. Eichinger
Thomas (im Bericht abgekuerzt: N. Josef, E. Thomas) Menschenhaendler ( siehe
z.b. mit google: villa rouge brandstifter,
jedenfalls ist Hr. M. Stefan nicht gut eingeweiht glaube ich.
ps: der nur auf freiem fuss angezeigte hr. eichinger thomas ist aus der
rotlichtszene (dort suchte man nach dem brandstifter und fand in)-in einem
akh in wien mit schweren brandverletzungen.
— knöpft euch die vom landesgericht korneuburg vor, die haben hrn. e.
thomas laufen lassen!!
ich sprach mit dem besitzer vom abgebrannten bordell, herrn ma… stefan.
er wollte den brand nicht, man bot ihm so eine aktion vor dem brand. er
kennt den auf freiem fuss angezeigten hrn. eichinger thomas nicht, und hat
aus protest nur seine haushaltsversicherung ueber den brand informiert -
keine schadenersatzforderung!
der besitzer, hr. ma… stefan, wollte das gebauede nur los werden, da es
alt und, das lokal, nicht mehr gewinnbringend ist….. so gab er schulden
als motiv an, dass man in informierte ueber so einen bloedsinn wie sein
lokal anzuenden. der brand war fuer in ueberraschend, ebenso der zeitpunkt.
ich war in der naehe, in der hasengasse, als der brand passierte. mfg
jürgen ps: bitte weiterleiten an oeffentliche stellen usw. ich bin damit
beschaeftigt diese information an 10000 email-addressen zu schicken.

–meine homepage hiezu:
PPS: Uebrigens, gegen Gentechnik im Tierfutter sammelt Greenpeace (, EU-Weit Unterschriften

powered by
Diese Mail wurde ueber
versendet. Spam melden Sie bitte an

Now I will likely id these as spam and report them to, but I’m curious as to what they are if anything other than run of the mill junk, this is something I haven’t run across before and seems to be coming from a system running postfix and apache. At the end of course it does give the “obligatory” 10000 email-addressen.

The site seems down currently.

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One Response to “Peculiar SPAM”

  1. Juergen Says:

    hi, i wrote the mails
    they are mainly about what happened to me:
    at june 30th 2005 i was in austria, where i come from and live, in province niederösterreich (in english: lower austria) in the district Gänserndorf in the city Gaenserndorf-Süd.
    at midday a prostitution bar, named “Villa Rouge”, burned, police and firearms secured the place and blocked some streets.
    i live a hundred kilometres away, in province Burgenland and travelled there by train.
    i was only the second or third time in Gänserndorf. my intention was to find a car, a dark blue chrysler voyager, that i’ve seen in vienna – passing me funny with funny looking humans not open towards me, tricky and feeling well about being bad i would say so. the car had a austrian car sign, beginning with GF, so it is from district gaenserndorf.
    The trailer had a carsign beginning with W – for city vienna (can be seen on the photos).

    at the beginning of august i found out about the fire. the fire-raiser is a Mr. Eichinger Thomas, a criminal involved a Mr. N.(Navratilova?) Josef, and the owner of the prostitution bar a Mr. M.(Ma…) Stefan.

    I visited Mr. M.(Ma…) Stefan at his home in Vienna, where he lives with his woman and three dogs.
    He told me that a person was talking to him (I am not remembering whom, I think Mr. N. Josef, and maybe more than one) about setting the local on fire and claiming money then from fireinsurance.
    He was not willing but some weeks later, on June 30, as mentioned, the fire happened.
    Mr. Matus did only inform his insurance for household (as the values changes).
    He didn’t request money in any way from fireinsurance as a protest against the criminals dealing dirty with him (without his will).

    The fire-raiser, Mr. Eichinger Thomas, was found in a hospital in Vienna, cause he used 10 litres of some sort of gasoline… , and is free cause hurt too bad for a prison.
    He is a boss in the red-light-scene in Vienna – by searching for such a person, police found him. I.e. the red-light-scene is about making money prostitution bars and prostitutes of course.

    I guess Mr. Eichinger Thomas is at least involved if not a leader in human trading / slave trading, illegal prostitution, sexual abusal, kidnapping, blackmail…

    Maybe the victims are Frenchman, as the criminals fool Mr. Ma…. Stefan and his french named “Villa Rouge”.

    regards, juergen
    ps: i put that on the website for all english language knowing…

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