Daylight savings changes in the works

According to several sources, including a CNN story, it looks as though daylight savings time won’t be quite the same. The House and Senate have agreed on a compromise Energy Bill which will add 4 weeks to daylight savings time. It would start 3 weeks earlier, on the second Sunday in March and end one week later, the first Sunday in November.

So what impact might this have in our heavily computerized age? Computers usually auto-adjust daylight savings based on knowing what day the change will happen (which Sunday in April, October currently). So, I’m wondering what things may break first? If it goes into effect this fall we may see a few wrinkles in unexpected places. I know there was a lot of hype about Y2k and certainly don’t image this to be “a disaster”, but I do expect some annoyances here and there. Maybe even pieces of hardware which can’t be software updated to adjust to the new rules?

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