Windows Vista?

OK, I’m just seeing the news that Microsoft has announced the name for the next version of Windows which has gone under the working name of Longhorn. It’s going to be Windows Vista That may take some getting used to. I guess it’s better than Windows View? There are some funny posibilities though…

According to one comment in the link listed above, in Latvia “vista” means chicken.

It does strike me wierd though to not hear Windows 2006 or Windows 6.0 I’m just not used to the use of feel good words to name an operating system. I mean, yes they’ve all had codenames. Chicago, Longhorn, etc…. Mandrake/Mandriva has working names for their releases. It’s this “experience” or “vista” nomenclature that just feels wierd still. Anyway, I suspect that Vista Windows will be getting a lot more traffic.

And I guess we’ll get used to the name eventually.

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