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I’ve copied over several of the older posts from the ezcontents layout of the site. I think I’ll skip moving the “virus of the moment, watch out for….” posts. The ones that I’ve chosen are a bit more generic and can relate to many viruses (The connection between spam and viruses for instance is as relevant today as it was when I first posted from all I can see…) The bugbear virus on the other hand, hopefully, is probably not relevant these days.

For all the older posts I’ve tried to import them and preserve their original post date so as not to disrupt the flow of more current content. There is one recent post that I haven’t migrated on a recent site outage (due to the move of averyjparker.com to a new server which left mysql clueless until I figured out what it was missing.) I also hope to share the reason for a more recent outage (July 14-15th) in a few more days once all this is settled.

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