Making a 1000BT crossover cable

I’ve been using 1000BT switches here for a year or more now, but just today have I run across the need to make a crossover cable. Many 1000BT (*gigabit ethernet) devices support “auto-mdix” which basically means a direct interconnect no longer needs a crossover cable. However, some devices don’t do this and it looks as though the crossover style is a bit different than that of the older 10/100 cables. (Since all 4 pairs are used, all four pairs have to be reversed…)

Anyway, here is the page I used as a model.

Essentially one end of the cable is white-orange/orange white-green/blue white-blue/green white-brown/brown and the other end is white-green/green white-orange/white-brown brown/orange blue/white-blue (I haven’t tested this yet – will update when that’s done.) Although – that seems to be backed up by this wikipedia page.

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