Outlook 2003 Unable to Open Attachments

I’ve seen a lot of strange behavior from windows updates, but this apparently wasn’t one. Essentially here is what was going on: the user would try to click on an attachment in Outlook 2003, particularly those that were forwarded emails. Then, nothing happened. No message, no error, nothing. Just doubleclick and that’s it…. right click and open didn’t work either. After a bit of research I found this happening with a few different versions of Outlook.

It looks like the culprit was Google Desktop. The problem has likely been fixed by now, it was a known issue October of 2007 according to what I found in the Google Desktop newsgroups. Uninstalling Google Desktop from the affected machine was enough to allow attachments to open again.

This after a couple of sessions of checking security settings and it was Google Desktop all along.

Hope that helps someone…

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