Good USB ThumbDrive – Kingston 8GB DataTraveler

Just thought I’d do a quick post – I’ve had kind of a poor track record in ordering USB thumb drives lately. I ordered one which I absolutely hate… it was about the size of one of those small pieces of gum and didn’t have the proper USB adapter on there so all you do is slide it into the usb port on your pc – the problem is… which direction – well they say it will only work one way and you’ll feel some resistance the wrong way, well I tried it and found resistance both ways so I got down on hands and knees and looked in the usb port to see where the contacts were and lined the stick up with those so I KNEW beyond a doubt I was connecting it the right way. I managed to get it in and thought I was never going to get the thing out. Since then I’ve been using a usb extension cable with that annoying thing…

My other frustration though has been USB thumb drives that come with stuff bundled on them. When I buy a piece of storage I don’t expect it to have 20 MB of software to install to enable extended features I just want A PIECE OF STORAGE!!! Hello?

So, there’s a certain computer that is in a fixed location that I want to do a clonezilla backup for. I really don’t want to save the image over the network and I don’t want to waste a real hard drive for it. In fact, our in progress image was capable of being burned to a dvd, so I shopped around for an 8GB USB memory stick. They call them thumbdrives, thumb drives, jump drives (although I think that was a model name from one maker.) I’ve also heard some people call them tongue drives…. I think they misunderstood “thumb drive”… anyway.

I finally found one that I REALLY like – it’s made by Kingston Technology and is their 8GB DataTraveler – it’s USB 2.0 . The markings I find on it are that it’s made in China – DTI / 8GB CH 040808 5v 04236-348.AooLF (or is that 04236-348.A00LF ? )

Anyway, you can find the Kingston 8GB DataTraveler USB flash drive – High Speed USB at Amazon… for about $40 (a bit less). Of course, they do have smaller capacities as well.

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