So many browser tabs, so little time – the swirling vortex

The last few weeks have been fairly eventful and I’ve accumulated quite a few web pages open in tabs that I’m still holding open (just counted 49 tabs across two windows.) Many of these things are just for my own memory and others will be posted because I thought they’d be of wider interest. For starters I had a bad attack of vertigo on August 30th. This is the second time I’ve had such a spell (first was April of 2006.) They seem to be triggered by allergies… which leads to fluid in the ear – fullness/roaring in the ear and some difficulty hearing and… if it keeps up for a week or so the equilibrium goes out. Sometimes it’s just mild dizziness, but this was “category 5 hurricane riding out in a small dingy” vertigo…. I’ve been carrying Meclizine around with me since then and have been reading about Meniere’s disease which sounds strikingly close to my symptoms. I haven’t yet seen a doctor for official diagnosis, but plan to setup an appointment to get a bit more aggressive on the allergy front. Anyway… below the fold are some links to info on Meniere’s disease.

Wikipedia writeup – great forums here from people describing their symtoms… some of these came up with good descriptions of an attach and it’s aftermath.

I’ve refered to this thread from the forums several times to reassure myself – even 2 weeks after the vertigo attack I’m still feeling tired and “just a bit off”, not dizzy, but not 100% ME.

There are other sites out there. What’s funny to me though it seems that MANY people I mention meniere’s disease to know someone who has had it or symptoms of it. It seems to be at least not unusual….

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