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There are some tools that I make use of almost daily. Either because something strikes my curiousity or because of necessity to find out a bit more about a computer issue. DNS lookup tools fall into the category of “must have” for the kind of stuff I wind up doing. Whether it’s a whois lookup to see who is a contact for a given domain, looking to see when a domain expires or just looking up reverse dns information to find out where the machine is located that’s been trying to enter the ssh server. Of course, spam blacklist lookups are handy too. I’m adding a few links to the sidebar for some of the more useful of these…

The first choice is dnsstuff.com…. there are lookups here for most everything above and then some. You’ll need to scroll down the page for the searches.

Robtex.com is up next and it’s billed as a “swiss army knife internet tool.” The lookups here are more the standard dns fare… reverse ip lookup, whois etc.

Last on the list is samspade.org which for a long time was my only real destination for these searches. But they’ve gone to a new code base and are down to just a whois search currently. They do say that they’ll be bringing back some of their old searches eventually though.

It’s good to have options and hopefully samspade.org will get back to it’s former flexibility.

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