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Security update (release notes)

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  • Mozilla Firefox 1.5 for Mandriva 2006 Mandriva 2006 released without Mozilla Firefox 1.5, it came with 1.0.6 (which included security fixes and other patches from 1.0.7).... anyway, source rpm's for Firefox 1.5 became available in cooker, so I've built rpm's for Mandriva 2006 for easy management on my systems. I'll post links here as they may......
  • Firefox RPMS for Mandriva 2006 Just an update to let you know I've recompiled the src rpm's from Cooker for Mozilla (For Mandriva 2006) and am uploading them to a subdirectory in (Look for the Mozilla-Firefox- subdirectory... thought it would be fairly obvious.) Anyway, I've put the src rpm in a subdirectory mysteriously......
  • VMWare's free VMPlayer One of the other things I had hoped to do this weekend was play around with the new VMWare player. VMware is a company that makes virtual machine software, the entry level pricing usually starting at $199 and going up from there. They've recently released a "Player" that can run......
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  • Time to Roth? Now that the stock market is down over 40% from its recent peak, now may be the time to consider converting some of your IRA account to a Roth. When the market recovers, no further taxes will ever be due on the Roth account. For example, say last year, your......
  • Emergency Funds There is a 'rule of thumb' out there that one should save 3-6 months salary (net, I assume) and from the near 16,000 Google returns on "emergency fund" "rule of thumb", it would seem this is a hot topic among financial concerns. At Master Your Card, Kristy on Monday discussed......
  • UF Home Coming against Arkansas The University of Florida Gators are set to go head to head with Arkansas, and the game is going to be aired at 3:30pm on CBS. The Gators football team is going to be going up against Arkansas on Saturday, October the 17. The game is going to be televised......    Send article as PDF   

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