Microsoft Windows and Office updates (October 2006)

Multiple Security issues (October 2006 patch day.) details.

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  • Microsoft October 2006 patch Tuesday The first thing I should mention is that this months update from Microsoft is the last for XP SP1 users should plan a migration path to SP2 to keep getting updates to XP. Multiple vulnerabilities this month have been patched in Office There are 4 advisories, but a total of......
  • Microsoft's quick response to network worms.... This is an ironic title because frankly, Microsoft has seemed to be slow in solutions for the recent zotob worm. Of course, they announced the vulnerability and accompanying update to solve the issue to begin with, but after the virus started propagating what do we see from Microsoft? They have......
  • How Microsoft could patch VML vulnerability before October's patch day SO, there's the second big vulnerability exploit for Internet Explorer making the rounds in about a week and Microsoft's advisory says that the most recent flaw will likely be patched on October's patch day ("unless the need arises...") So, what would trigger that need? Lot's of browsers being subjected to......
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