WordPress 2.0 first impressions

Given that I’ve now had a chance to use WordPress 2.0 a bit, I thought I’d do a couple posts on some of my impressions. For starters, I’m quite fond of the interface for 1.5.2 that I use here. It’s comfortable, I’ve added a few plugins to make life easier and, well… I can’t find anything that just bugs me that I can think of. I do like the look of the new admin interface, it’s very similar, but with somewhat better color-scheming at the top (menu area) of the page. I like the Ajax-ified features in the post-writing tool. It’s convenient to not have to have a page load and go through “clunky” gyrations to add a category on the fly…. definite improvement….

Also, the ability to upload a picture or other file within the interface is nice, I’ve used a plugin to handle that previously, but it’s nice not to have to install another plugin. The “fancy” editor is nice, but I noticed one of my plugins does not work well with it. I was pleased to see that the “fancy” editor can be disabled on a per user basis. Thanks to the developers for those of us that can deal with the old editor….

The theme that I use is a slightly modified Kubrick. It’s not fancy, but I’ve browsed themes quite a bit and can’t find too many that I’d like to have all the sites based on, so…. I was glad to see that the kubrick theme (and my variation) still work under the new WordPress 2.0…. up next plugins…

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