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For some time I’ve meant to do a post on some of my favorite places to find odd electronics components (and surplus stuff…) Something about electronics components is that there’s so much potential… anyway, I just placed an order with All Electronics for a handful of odds and ends. They’re probably the newest place on my “I’ve got to look at the catalog when it comes in” list. You’ll find pretty much nothing (or very little) in the way of finished consumer electronics….

No, this is more of a site for the gadget tinkerer. (Many electronic components…)

Speaking of electronic components. Once upon a time I set out to make my own led flashlight. (To run off a 12 volt power supply.) The prices at most places I saw were ridiculous for the number of LED’s I’d planned to use… however, there’s a good place called lsdiodes.com, which as I understand started out as someone frustrated with TOO high prices. If I recall he started buying lot’s of LED’s and soon made a business out of the resale. You can buy LEDS, wire and resistors there for great prices (and free LED’s with the purchase of x-amount…)

What’s also neat about LSDiodes is they have a good tutorial and link to an LED/resistance calculator for those that are new to electrical circuit design with LED’s. Nice, since most sites assume you know what you’re doing or you wouldn’t be there.

Another nice spot for general surplus “stuff” is American Science & Surplus. This is more of a general surplus retailer, you’ll find lead acid batteries, containers, (a glow in the dark protractor is on the main page right now… along with microscopic eyepieces, a diamond coated sharpening block, and clear plastic storage boxes….) A fairly eclectic mix of sometimes goofy, but sometimes “oh neat” stuff. Another neat thing they do is “grab bags” of assorted stuff in different categories.

Anyway, depending on who you buy for it may make for some good Christmas present ideas, or just restocking your electronics supplies… a few neat places that I’ve liked.

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