Sony class-action suit picks up researcher Mark Russinovich as an expert witness

News continues on the Sony mess…. (Expect to hear about this for some time…) The researcher that informed the world about the Sony DRM rootkit, Mark Russinovich, has joined the class-action suit against Sony and First4Internet as an expert witness on the matter.

Russinovich said he opted to join the suit because he “wanted to make sure that a message was sent loud and clear to Sony and hopefully to the rest of the industry. And if a technical expert is required to back up the suit, then that’s what I’m willing to do to make sure that message gets driven home.”

I wonder how the person that authorized the deal for XCP is taking all of this right about now…? I wonder if they (at Sony) GET it, yet after yesterdays news of New York’s AG finding copies of the CD’s still available for sale….

Once again – it’s full employment for lawyers…

Previous coverage. (and here.)

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