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Again I haven’t been big into console gaming, but here’s a bit more XBox 360 news that I’ve run across. First up, is the Free60 project, whose aim is to port linux and darwin to the new XBOX 360 hardware platform. It’ll be interesting to see if this can be done without hardware modification…

The story I had the other day talked about the problems quite a few of hte new XBOX 360 owners were running into with frequent crashes.

One of the people dealing with the problem on their XBOX 360 solved it with a bit of string… the fix uses the string to hold the power supply up off the floor. They suspect that the power supply overheating is causing the freezes and crashes. His unit was crashing every 20 minutes, after the string fix he had it up for about 7 hours. Others have taken an open top box and balanced the power supply on a couple edges. More in this thread. This seems to solve any problems related to overheating, obviously if the problem you see with an XBOX 360 is coming from another cause, it won’t fix it.

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