Keep in shape while playing video games

Couldn’t pass this engadget entry up. It’s a treadmill for first-person shooter games. The idea is that the characters walking/running speed is controlled by the speed of the player walking on the treadmill. Some of the FPS I’ve seen take hours to get through all the levels, or to get “fluent” in. I would think you’d be in pretty good shape going this route.

I think it’s supposed to retail around $500 (which is a small price to pay for your health…. you know it’ll be marketed that way, come on…) Really not a bad idea to combat decreasing activity rates as people increasingly are entertained by video games. I’d be in favor of human powered gaming consoles. Keep pedaling that bike or no juice to the power supply…. Set different thresholds of bike speed for different experience/fitness levels. Maybe even in-game penalties for dropping below a certain speed?

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