Mandriva Linux 2006 review

There is a Mandriva Linux 2006 review up at, which includes a nice primer on “Background: Linux software repositories and software installation”…

I think it’s nice to see a reviewer trying to clue people in to the terminology and “way things work” not in a “here’s what the code in the kernel means” sense, but in a general overview. I remember our first Dos based IBM pc so many years back came with a “how the computer works” program which covered some of the basics, what the processor did, the memory, the floppy drives. Just enough to give somebody a real feel for the terminology (difference between software and hardware.) Somewhere along about Windows 95 the idea of trying to teach new users the basic terminology left… I miss that in a way when I get into a debate about whether Microsoft Windows 2000 and Microsoft Office 2000 are different things…. (which they are – Windows 2000 is an operating system, Office 2000 is software….anyway…)

Looks like a good review, I still need to find time to install…. I hope I find the speed improvements that the reviewer seems to have found!

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