Phishing test…

So, I’ve talked a good deal about phishing scam emails and I had to read when I found this article at the sunbeltblog. They posted a link to a site with some tips on phishing, as well as a “test your phishing smarts” kind of test at

I HIGHLY recommend the test. I got 10 of 10 correct, but frankly some of the legitimate messages are ones that would have me going directly to the site’s home page to verify (instead of clicking on enclosed links.) Unfortunately all of them are “out of context” screenshots only, so there’s no way to “investigate” other than what’s on screen. In dealing with financial information related emails it’s better to be cautious.

Also, I HAVE to give a link to the Dilbert cartoon referenced in the blog… I had to laugh out loud. (Even though I’ve seen it before.)

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