Open Standards in Government

I was disappointed to see that Newsforge has a story by Joe Barr regarding a request for comments at the U.S. Copyright Office. It seems that they are asking if it would be inconvenient for Copyright application forms online to require Internet Explorer v. 5.1 or newer. The comment period will close August 22, 2005. Anyone have a problem with that?

I do. I think among other things government should strive to endorse open access to government services. No it’s not expensive to adopt open standards.

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  1. Avery J. Parker - Web site hosting and computer service Says:

    [...] As I mentioned a couple weeks back, the US Copyright office had a notice that the new pre-registration system MAY not support browsers other than Internet Explorer. (This news update at the Register claims Netscape as well. The W3C has registered a comment with the US Copyright Office and that is reported in the link above. [...]

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