Broadband speeds keep going up

Zdnet is reporting that a British broadband company, NTL is upping their Cable internet speed rto 10Mbps at no charge by the end of the year. Other competitors in the UK are already at 8Mbps for their rates. It sounds as though ADSL+2 promises speeds upwards of 24Mbps by the end of the year as well.

So my question is what about upload rates? If I want to use my webserver for remote backup will it still take a week? We currently have 3 Mbps down and 128kbps up. 256 kbps is available from some providers (in fact I would have to look and see if we have it here.)

NTL has a current Bandwidth cap of 30GB per month, that will increase to 75GB per month in the new speed plan. I’m not aware of our bandwidth cap here (I’m sure if I violate it I’ll find out), but after years of downloading Linux livecd isos and locally mirroring Mandrakes current and cooker trees I haven’t run into any issues. I really wouldn’t mind paying by the bandwidth if we had a more reasonable upload rate.

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