Self destructing messages

Good luck Jim… this message will self destruct in 40 seconds… A UK mobile (cell) company says it’s developed self-destructing text messages. In the spring they hope to introduce self destructing email/photo and voice messages. The recipient receives a link to the message and once viewed the message “self destructs” in 40 seconds. The good things they claim from this…

ultimately no one will ever have to worry about their messages or pictures ending up in the wrong hands ever again,

The service is currently available around the world for users of UK SIM cards only, but the company said the service will be available across Europe, in the US and Asia next year.

OK – good and bad things about this… bad – oops – what was that return phone number – bad – also bad – how much do we trust the company that hosts the message to truly delete it after 40 seconds? – bad – criminal use of vanishing messages (again the trust of the company hosting the “links” is going to be a question.)

Good if it works…(and the company is to be trusted) well, I can’t really think of many messages I sent that I wish had vanished immediately – but I am a digital packrat – so…. smaller inbox/archived mail folders?

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